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Top Five Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Monkey Island RV Resort

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cabins for rent“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.” This wonderful saying reflects the importance of vacationing with family and spending quality time with them. For this holiday season, spellbound with the magic of celebrations and merriment, this blog post presents the top five reasons to not just spend the holidays but also celebrate them at Monkey Island RV Resort.


Monkey Island RV Resort has earned a name for itself in the past few years in the holiday industry. Their commitment to treating customers well and providing quality service is something the resort is well known for in America. This large resort provides a perfect holiday spot with a lake view and a cozy ambiance. Well-furnished rooms with modern interior decorations and appliances are bound to impress many holiday seekers.


The most sought-after characteristics while planning for any holiday destination is the comfort and a perfect stress-busting environment. Monkey Island RV Resort strives hard to make your holidays the most memorable ones by offering you an array of services and facilities to help you blow all the stress and sorrow out of your life. The peaceful and serene atmosphere adds to this while you breathe in happiness and contentment. The resort has everything necessary for taking good care of your vehicles and even your pets. Huge lawns within the premises enable you to enjoy your holiday while shrugging all of your worries off your shoulders.


A universal fact is that variety is the spice of life. So how about spicing up your holidays this season? Monkey Island RV Resort steals the show by giving visitors a a bouquet of service options from which to choose. This allows customers seeking a holiday stay to choose the best fit for their needs and requirements. Although it is typically an RV resort, this extraordinary facility also has a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK. This is an innovative idea with great value for those who do not possess a RV but wish to spend their holiday at the resort.


Not all good things in life come with a hefty price. At least, this is true for spending the holidays at Monkey Island RV Resort, which offers a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK, at a very affordable price. The destination proves perfect for all those holiday lovers who believe in good service at an economical price. Choosing to spend the holidays at this resort will definitely be a golden deal, proving worthy of every single penny spent.


Customers all around the globe are flooded with options, making them prone to get entangled in decisions. Monkey Island RV Resort provides holiday seekers with various fresh and unique ideas such as providing a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK. Customers who book resort cottages or cabins feel joyful and downright pampered during their stay in the resort, while their privacy is never intruded upon. Hospitable services alongside amenities of unmatched quality make Monkey Island RV Resort an ultimate holiday destination for you and your family.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Christmas in Your RV

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Christmas In RVChristmas commemorates the day when the loving Son of the Almighty Father was born. This holiday enlightens the world with his message of peace, harmony and love for all. Christmas is celebrated all over the world to foster the ethics of Christianity, i.e., being kind to all. With the ushering in of the festivities comes cold winds seeping in through the windows and, in many parts of the world, a blanket of snow. Christmas carols, Santa Claus with gifts, and a bagful of happiness for everyone is what Christmas brings each year.

However, people around the globe celebrate this holiday in many varied ways. Some adventure-seekers may even spend Christmas in their RV.

RVs, besides being excellent companions for those who love traveling with a piece of home, has also proved useful to those who want to celebrate Christmas while traveling. With their exclusive benefits, RVs are no less than a home away from home. They are indeed a great way to let your hair down this Christmas season. Here are the top five reasons to love Christmas in your RV.

Love Yourself

Christmas is not just something good; rather, it is all about feeling good. Pamper yourself with this merriness and take a break from the monotony of day-to-day life. Give yourself the gift of a holiday on the road this season and let all your worries melt away. Find the peace that lies within, feel the silence and enjoy the leisure.

The Perfect Gift for Someone Special

Life is becoming busier every single day. Time is the most valuable thing you can give to your soulmate this Christmas. Travelling together not only makes journeys memorable but in turn, this nurtures the special bond between couples. Plan a romantic Christmas getaway this year in your RV and let love do all the talking.

Less Is More

Gone are the days when more was merrier. Now, the trend is toward less being better. This Christmas, let the decorations be minimal and avoid tangled garland. Adorn your RV simply, with a touch of serenity and coated with style and grace. You will surely fall in love with your RV all over again.

Leave the Tree Outside

Rather than bringing a tree inside your home this Christmas, take your RV home to the tree instead, and enjoy it in its natural environment. This is a great way to enjoy a simpler, more natural holiday and wish Mother Nature a very merry Christmas.

Set Your Spirit Free

Moving on is what life is all about. Anything that can move on is lively. This Christmas season, let your heart rule your senses and drive you to the destination of your dreams. Remover yourself from all physical and emotional disturbances, even that of cold, dreary weather. Gear up your RV for a dashing ride with joy, freedom and a lot more. The best gift around a Christmas tree is a happy family wrapped in each other’s love, and the best place to cuddle up on Christmas is in an RV.

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12 Tips You Want To Know About A Winter RV Trip

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RV trip during the winter season can be a dangerous one due to hazardous weather condition. Snow, ice, and wind can affect your road trip and hence it is extremely important to drive slowly and safely. This infographic will provide you 12 tips to plan your RV trip so that you have less stress and more enjoyment with your family and friends.

20 Useful Tips For A Solo RV Trip

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If anyone tells you that heading off on a solo RV trip is an impossible dream, do not believe them! It is definitely pursuable, even though you may at first be concerned about things like the safety of being alone on the road, how to prepare, or whether you will be alone the whole time. However, there are solutions to the things that are holding you back.

Getting Started

  • A solo RV road trip calls for extensive research. To gather knowledge about RVing and the accompanying lifestyle, you can attend seminars and other educational gatherings. Apart from RV lifestyle, don’t forget to look up the route that you’ll be taking and what you’ll need on the way.
  • Before you actually venture out, it is crucial that you have a reliable RV. This means that you should have it tested by a technician (before the purchase if possible). You must know what you are driving. Basic lessons on roadside repair are always advisable, and also keep at hand the contact number of a roadside assistance service to avoid or overcome any unpleasant surprises.
  • Before the solo trip, make sure you have experience traveling with others in an RV.
  • Practice both unhooking and hooking without an audience to avoid making embarrassing mistakes in front of others at the campground.


  • Who said that a solo trip necessarily means being alone the whole time? It is only normal to crave company once in a while during your solo venture. If you come into contact with like-minded people, things can turn out to be even better. You can join solo RV forums and clubs that create golden opportunities for networking.
  • The internet provides opportunities to learn more about RV lifestyle by connecting you with people who have similar passions.
  • Want to add some money to your bank account? Consider working while you’re on the road—this, too, can provide social opportunities.
  • Consider showcasing your hobby to nearby RVers.
  • A dog walk is a great way to socialize while on a solo trip. Dogs are great companions, and if your dog is friendly, you may get the chance to mingle with fellow dog-owning RVers.

Odds and Ends

  • Before you start off, remember to take a checklist for both setting up and dismantling the camp.
  • Get your hands on cheaper rates by sticking to one location for a longer period.
  • If you wish to find a campground before it’s full, you need to arrive by mid-afternoon and get off the road before it becomes too dark.
  • Keeping in mind emergency situations, you must have all the necessary documents and contact details of family members with you in a safe place.
  • It’s best to say bye to an imaginary partner when you leave the rig so you don’t draw attention to you being alone.
  • Carry a GPS, but also carry maps for places where GPS systems don’t work.

Safety Tips

  • There are always better campgrounds. If you sense that something isn’t right about the campground where you have stopped, follow your instinct and move on.
  • At night, keep all doors and windows shut.
  • Make sure you park where there are other RVs.
  • When there are other RVs in the same campground, park wisely enough to avoid getting blocked in, in case of emergency.
  • Keep the RV regularly maintained to reduce the chances of breakdowns.

Leave worrying behind, because you can have a great time on your solo RV trip if you are prepared with the necessary research, attitude, and belongings. With the above tips, you have the recipe for a safe and hassle-free solo trip in your RV! Don’t let your doubts keep you from the adventures of life.