5 Reasons To Choose Monkey Island RV Resort Cabin Rentals Instead of a Hotel

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The vacations are meant to create memories, and a road trip with close buddies will stay forever in memory but the stay is equally important for the comfort and relaxation. Are you puzzled between a rented cabin or hotel-stay for your next vacation in the Grand Lake, OK? We can make your decision easier! In this infographic, you will find all the reasons why cabins for rent in Monkey Island RV Resort, Grand Lake, OK are more comfortable and contented than hotels during a trip.

cabins for rent grand lake ok

Things to Consider About RV Parks

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grand lake ok rv resort

There is so much to do at a Grand Lake, OK, RV resort, and when you go to a happening and fun RV park like Monkey Island RV Resort, you will enjoy an uninterrupted flow of bliss and natural beauty. However, when planning a trip to Grand Lake, you should take a few simple steps of precaution and follow the rules underlined by the parks to make your stay worry-free.

RV parks are one of the most exciting places to stay at, with or without a whole noisy, clattering, clamoring, screaming, shouting, yelling, rowdy family! When you go to book a place to stay at an RV park, be sure about the amenities, rates and quality of the place.

The biggest factor to consider is the amenities available at the park or campsite. If you go to a good Grand Lake, OK, RV resort like Monkey Island, most amenities will be available, and you will not face any issues such as water shortage, lack of barbeque pits, wild animal roaming at night or other discomforts.

grand lake ok rv resort

Each RV park has its own set of amenities that make it stand out. This setup, therefore, means that everyone gets something different depending on the RV park that they choose. Some have certain things well taken care of, while other RV parks have something else in greater supply. An RV park with all possible amenities is rarely found. However, Monkey Island RV Resort is one of the very few Grand Lake, OK, RV resorts where all the amenities, including water, animal protection, electricity, natural resources conservation and many other similar needs are looked after.

RV park rates are the next subject of importance. Most RV parks tend to try to overcharge their customers, and some are expensive even if you go in the off-season. A good and economical RV park that is well-known in many circles for its quality and affordability is Monkey Island RV Resort. At this resort, the prices are reasonable and all additional services available are quite affordable.

This is primarily because the resort values its customers and does not aim to make money from a single bill. Instead, it develops a steady working relationship with customers, so that they return as loyal patrons and enjoy their outings at the beautiful, naturally scenic and serene Grand Lake, OK, RV resort.

For those who wish to stay a month or longer at the resort, there are more discounts, offers, attractions and amenities waiting. Extra care is taken of long-term customers, and a bond of trust is nurtured so that the month-long stay becomes memorable, and so that a repeat month-long stay is possible.

Essential RV Park Amenities

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grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Monkey Island RV Resort is one of the best and most scenic, serene and beautiful options for Grand Lake Lodging in Oklahoma. The park stands out for its natural greenery, flowers, birds and butterflies, and of course, the lake! The entire area is like a mini Garden of Eden. One of the paramount points about RV parks, good or bad, is that they are made for camping, whether alone or with your family or friends, living outside and exposed to nature.

In the beginning, there was nothing more than traditional tent campsites, but eventually, many of those sites were refined and built into rentable RV park campsites. One of the best RV parks in the area is Monkey Island RV Resort. But why is it best? What are the parameters and benchmarks according to which an RV park becomes good or bad?

The answers are all to be found in the amenities in the park. There are many RV parks in the country with few or no amenities. People walk out of the campsite and manage everything else on their own, through their backpacks or their camping gear. The campers take care of their own belongings and needs, including cooking and protection of self and food, clothing, and shelter from wild animals roaming in the park at night. Bad weather may occur, such as rain, snow or extreme heat, and those who are unprotected might get hurt.

grand lake lodging oklahoma

All this can be avoided by having proper amenities in place in the RV park. Monkey Island RV Resort is known for its excellent lodging, with amenities such as clean bathrooms, barbeque pits and others. These facilities make it an extraordinary choice. Such a variety of options not only allows campers a great level of customization of their trip but also provides a tailor-made and customer-centric approach to the business of Grand Lake lodging in Oklahoma. This business model has been pioneered by Monkey Island RV Resort and made into a complete and successful solution for Grand Lake Lodging in Oklahoma.

The rates are another example of the best practices employed at Monkey Island RV Resort. We have separated the amenities so that if a customer does not use the bathroom, the fire pit, or the other usual, standard or luxurious amenities available, then the customer does not pay for them. Instead of making many unnecessary payments, the all-American idea of pay-for-what-you-use is applied.

Thus, when it comes to choosing the best from the RV parks, camps and resorts at Grand Lake, no one comes close to Monkey Island RV Resort. You will enjoy a fun outing here at reasonable costs and with a host of amenities.

Getting your RV Summer – Ready From Driveway to Campsite

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Summer is the perfect time for camping trip. But before starting for a camping trip you should check your RV properly like the batteries, tires, generator, water pumps etc. Save space for extra storage by keeping small shelf, installing rods in cabinet etc.  After arriving at the camp site connect water pipes and gas supply, check the location carefully.

grand lake ok rv resort

8 Tips for Camping With a Fifth Wheel In Extreme Winds

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grand lake ok rv resort

If you are a camper, a fifth wheel may be just your thing. In extreme winds, however, it can be difficult to camp in an RV. What should you do? We do not expect you to kill your wanderlust. We do not want to cage you. Your RV is sturdy enough to stand against extreme winds, especially if you follow these tips for your next fifth wheel camping trip at our Grand Lake, OK, RV resort.

Pull in the slide outs

By pulling in the slide outs of the fifth wheel, you can cut down on the surface area and centralize the weight. This will prevent the RV from rocking and will protect the awning.

Keep outsides items inside

Do not leave anything hanging or sitting outside. Extreme winds can blow everything away, and it can also damage other RVs at our Grand Lake, OK, RV resort. That is why you should store everything inside, including lightweight chairs, mats and folding tables.

grand lake ok rv resort

Shut windows

If the camping area is prone to storms or blowing dust, you should keep windows shut. Otherwise, you will have to spend an entire day cleaning.

Attach your truck

You can attach your truck to the fifth wheel, and it will act as an anchor and save you from possible damages to the front legs of the fifth wheel.

Fill the tanks

Adding a few extra pounds is a trick that will help you withstand a storm. You can fill the water tanks and waste disposal tanks, and these extra pounds will protect the fifth wheel from tipping over.

grand lake ok rv resort

Check out the roof

You should check the bents on the roof to make sure they are covered. If the covers are not secured, tighten any loose bolts. Put down any satellite or TV antennas as well.

Keep a weather alert radio on hand

This can be a savior. Listen to the weather forecast even when the power and internet are out. This can save you from an upcoming storm and help keep you prepared with all necessary preventive measures.

Have a plan B

You should have a plan B for shelter at our Grand Lake, OK, RV resort. If the storm is furious and gets out of hand, that shelter will keep you safe.

8 Tips for a Great Vacation In Pet-Friendly Cabins On Monkey Island

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grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Your pet is part of your family, and your vacation would be incomplete without your four-legged, furry friend. We encourage people to take a family photo when they visit Monkey Island to hang on the wall at home but don’t forget your pet! Have you ever been rejected when trying to book rooms for a vacation? Don’t worry; there are still great places in this world where you can take your pet for a vacation. Here are some suggestions that you should consider while booking a pet-friendly Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

The Cabin

Finding the cabin is the most crucial step, so choose your accommodation wisely. Search a lot and ask questions. Find out if there is a play area for your pet, what kind of food is available and even where to find the nearest veterinary clinic. The more you ask, the more likely your pet will have a comfortable stay.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

The Amenities

Try to find a pet-friendly cabin that provides all the amenities that are must-haves on your list. You surely do not want your pet to be left alone when you are enjoying time in the pool, so check what the best services are that you can get.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Pet Waste Areas

Ask the cabin rental proprietor for the pet play area, and make sure they have designated pet waste areas. On the other hand, it is always better to carry your own poop bags and clean up after your pet is done.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

The Play Area

Our Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental services provide an open area for pets where they can play all day long. In an unknown surrounding, they might become reserved and less playful. But the play area can be tempting, and exercise will make them feel free from anxiety.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental


When a cabin proprietor allows you to bring your pet along on your vacation, it is your duty to respect their rules. If there are rules like no pets on furniture, follow them.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rentalThe Litter Box

If your pet uses a litter box, put the litter box in the bathroom. This will make it easier for the cleaning staff to find.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Fleas and Ticks

Make sure your pets are free from fleas and ticks. Before your trip, take them to the vet and have them vaccinated. Give them a good flea and tick bath as well, so there will be no odor or smell left behind.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Preventive Measures for Accidents

Although there are pet waste areas available, accidents still can happen, especially if your pet is stressed. Keep disinfectants and rags with you for any mishaps.

Items to Pack When Going to a Vacation Rental

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rv resortAre you searching for cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK? Search no further! Monkey Island RV Resort provides the ultimate Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. You can stay either in a cabin or in a tiny home. Each rental is equipped with a big-screen television, cable, a love seat, a queen bed, a kitchen and a single bathroom with a big shower. When you rent a tiny home, you also get access to amenities such as the pool, clubhouse and dog park.

If you are booking cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, for the first time, read on for a list of some essential items that you need to pack.

Monkey Island RV Resort provides the Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. If this is the first time then find out few items that you need to pack before an RV trip.

first aidHealth-Related Items

  • Please do not forget to take your prescription medicines.
  • A first aid kit is always important to have.
  • Remember to bring some painkillers, medicines for motion sickness and insect repellent.

kitchen itemKitchen Items

  • Filtering water bottles are the best option for keeping yourself hydrated. The built-in filter also purifies tap water.
  • If you are planning to cook something special during your vacation, remember to bring the necessary utensils along with you.
  • You may also like to carry some aluminum foil for storing leftovers.
  • Don’t forget to pack reusable or paper plates as well as silverware.
  • Plastic bags for disposing of garbage are necessary too.

household itemsHousehold Items

  • Do not forget the chargers for phones, laptops and cameras.
  • A multi-plug extension cord is handy when you want to charge several gadgets at the same time.
  • Bring portable speakers for your playlist.
  • Pack games and toys for your children.
  • A portable charger pack for phones can be handy in case of emergency.
  • Remember to pack toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, shaving cream, razors, moisturizing cream, night cream, hair combs, etc.
  • For extra comfort, bring slippers that you regularly use at home.

clothingClothing Items

  • Always take a scarf, sweater or some warm clothing regardless of the weather.
  • Pack your caps, hats, sunglasses and other accessories.

Even though Monkey Island RV Resort is the newest luxury RV park, it has already gained a great reputation as offering the best cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK.

How To Stay Safe In An RV During A Storm

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Nature is the supreme power. It can bestow on us its blessings, or it can ruin everything with several calamities. Thunderstorms are one of such natural disasters that often can wreak havoc on our lives. People around the world usually don’t plan a vacation in an RV if there is a possibility for bad weather or occurrence of a thunderstorm. The fun and adventure associated with a perfect vacation in an RV can be totally lost if you need to stay undercover the whole time due to a natural disaster.

In contrast, the idea to opt for cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, can be pretty awesome. Since thunderstorms and other natural phenomena are inevitable, the best way to escape them is to face them with adequate preparedness. This post brings you some tips that can work wonders to save you from thunderstorms and helps you stay safe in an RV in bad weather.

cabins for rent

There are a lot of resorts and campgrounds where you can safely spend your vacations, as these places offer great services for you and your RV. Some great ones also offer private cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, where you can stay safer with your loved ones during the occurrence of thunderstorms or other natural disasters. However, if you do get stuck in your RV during a storm, then the points listed below will certainly help you get through the calamity safely.

Check the weather forecast well in advance.

Getting informed about a prospective danger always gives you enough time to get prepared with safety measures to deal with it. If you are planning for a vacation on the road with your RV, then you must get yourself updated with detailed information about the weather in advance. This will surely help you make necessary arrangements to tackle any unpleasant situation on road. You can keep a first aid kit ready with essential supplies and medications. Thus, you can be aware of the dangers that might come your way while heading out on a vacation in RV.

Get your RV checked and look for a safer resort.

As a rule of thumb, people planning vacations prefer to choose shady coastal locations with lush, green areas. However, the trees and areas near coasts are more dangerous. For instance, the Grand Lake area in Oklahoma is prone to thunderstorms and unexpected weather disturbances. Thus, when you look for some good RV resorts at which to enjoy your vacation in the Grand Lake area, then you must look for the ones that have efficient means to help you face any weather crises.

You should also get your RV checked for faults in both structure and functioning. For example, check that the outside doors and windows of the vehicle are closed and latched properly. This will minimize the chances of any undue contingency during a thunderstorm.

Reserve cabins and shelter beforehand.

Since the areas adjoining Grand Lake, OK, can experience a sudden thunderstorm, staying in an RV resort to make your vacation better will be awesome and safe. For the best experience, you need to pick one that provides special cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, and safe RV parking facilities to avoid chances of loss and damage to you and your property. Although the resort owners offer adequate information and safety instructions, especially in the areas prone to bad weather or thunderstorms, you must ask questions about provisions for booking cabins or other rooms to take shelter in from storm.

Avoid risky roads prone to flooding.

When you are in Oklahoma City and heading toward the Grand Lake area to celebrate your vacation in an RV, you must avoid driving on flood prone roads if there is a possibility of a thunderstorm. Generally, when the roads get flooded, driving an RV can be both difficult and dangerous. Staying at an RV resort either inside a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK, or in a safe RV parking area is always wise to avoid chances of mishaps.

Stay away from metal items and electrical equipment.

Your RV may have a lot of electrical wiring or gadgets to add on to your comfort. When you encounter a thunderstorm during a ride in an RV, try to get to a nice RV resort so that you and your vehicle stay safe. The most important step that you need to follow before evacuating the RV is to turn off and unplug all electrical gadgets inside your vehicle. This will save your gadgets from getting harmed during the thunderstorm.

Enjoy This Weekend With Fishing In Grand Lake

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“Fishing is more than fish; it is the vitalizing lure to outdoor life,” remarked Herbert Hoover, the 31st American president. These lines clearly reflect the importance of fishing as an outdoor activity that can lighten up your weekends. The beautiful resorts in a lush, green environment help you get cozy with nature when you opt for Grand Lake lodging in Oklahoma. Places like Monkey Island RV Resort offer an array of activities that let you break up the day-to-day monotony of life and work so that you not just stay at the resort, but you enjoy the stay to the fullest.

Weekends bring along priceless moments to spend with family and friends. You are rewarded for the hard work and patience that you showcased for the whole long week when your excitement soars high toward the weekend. It is therefore important to spend these moments wisely on equally worthwhile activities.

Fishing is a great outdoor activity popular among people belonging to all age groups. The world is full of anxiety, stress and tension. Weekends can be very helpful in relieving all the negativities and hassles of life. Choosing to go fishing either alone or with someone you love can be a great way to relax and chill out on weekends.

Monkey Island RV Office

Grand Lake lodging in Oklahoma provides awesome opportunities to spend your weekend fishing around in the waters of Grand Lake. This, on one hand, strengthens social bonding, while on the other, it helps you feel the bliss of nature viewed from a different perspective.

Fishing as an activity for relaxed weekends is always great. This is due to the fact that fishing is packed with a lot of health benefits. Fishing revives you mentally and is a nice means of recreation. The early people took to fishing as a solution for hunger, but even today, in spite of the growth of civilization at a much faster pace, fishing has not lost its glory and charm. People from every nook and cranny of the world cherish fishing as a wonderful hobby and enjoy cultivating it at least during vacations. When you opt for Grand lake lodging in Oklahoma, you are offered splendid opportunities for fishing that keep you well entertained so that you not just rejoice the beautiful landscape but celebrate the joy of the weekend as well.

Travelers around the world crave fun and enjoyment whenever they visit any destination. The Grand Lake region of Oklahoma is situated in the northeastern part of the state, and nature lovers who visit the place find the lake suitable for water sports, especially fishing.

There are special resorts that offer Grand Lake lodging in Oklahoma and serve you with everything you need so that you and your family can feel the real fun of catching fish on your own. Moreover, these resorts encourage environmentalists’ approach to conserving fish and promoting awareness among people. Catch-and-release fishing no doubt is a great way to do your bit for saving the environment so that it no more remains just an activity but becomes the most popular means of recreating the magic on weekends.

Enjoy Grand Lake This Spring

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Grand Lake OklahomaMother Nature is the most beautiful of all. She is the ultimate queen of this world who nurtures us with her love and bliss every moment. Change is the law she loves to follow, and she encourages us to cherish the ideals of love and respect for each other. Earth is the only planet bestowed with the beauty and goodness of all seasons. Although every season has its own pleasure and attraction, spring is the most awaited part of the year. This led the famous actor Robin Williams to opine that spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

Beauty is an abstract noun. It can never be defined or measured but can only be felt. It not just proves soothing to the eyes but cheers the senses too. Nature and its scenic beauty have always helped mankind with aesthetic benefits. Owing to this, people around the world duly take time out of their busy schedules to spend time in nature and feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Spring is the season that marks the coming of summer and the end of cold, harsh winter. It is the time to fall for nature again, every part of which exhibits beauty at its best. Apart from other spots, Grand Lake, OK, is a splendid tourist destination where nature is seen clothed in all colors of life. Besides, the flourishing tourism culture around the globe has opened doors to several ways—like renting cabins in Grand Lake, OK—by which travelers visiting great locations can feel relaxed, rewarded and happy.

Grand Lake is situated in the northeastern part of Oklahoma along the foothills of the Ozark Mountain Range. Many resorts and motels, like the Monkey Island RV Resort, take utmost care to let you enjoy every bit of the season. These include plenty of rooms and cozy cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK. Our cabins are a newer feature that is gaining considerable popularity. They not just provide adequate privacy for our guests but also ensure you make memorable memories for a lifetime with the ones you love. Cabins provide an awesome view to our visitors and also help you enjoy a pleasant indoor climate, especially during the spring season.

Grand Lake and Lake Hudson are the only two major lakes in the state, and they often contribute to flooding in the adjacent areas. However, Grand Lake is also very important for the state, as it is a major attraction for people who love nature and water sports. It is thus the entertainment hub of the Green Country region. The lovely landscape featured by the Grand Lake area encourages a large number of tourists and visitors every year around the spring. The bright sunshine and comfortable weather pave the way for great amusement and enjoyment along the banks of Grand Lake.

Many companies have come up with excellent ways to add on to the fun and excitement for their guests. Several resorts serve amazing options to those who bring their RVs along with them to their vacation spot. Travelers all over the world love to explore new destinations for vacations in their own vehicles. In addition, the idea to choose an RV for a trip to Grand Lake, OK, is packed with thrill and enjoyment.

Since these beloved vehicles help you carry a home with you wherever you go, it is equally important that the resort or place you choose to stay should well accommodate your RV. There are a wide variety of places, like the Monkey Island RV Resort, that provide you with exclusive services for your RV. These resorts are equipped with the best quality tools for cleaning and fueling as well as expert hands to help with any needed repair of your vehicle while you enjoy spring at Grand Lake. Resorts that provide RV pads and cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, take great care of you and your vehicles so that your spring vacation is destined to be memorable.

8 Tips To Sleep Warm When Your RV Heater Is Not Working

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Your winter RV trip can be a complete mess if your RV heater stops working at night. In order to avoid any critical situation that you might face, it is always important to have some knowledge beforehand. This infographic can guide you with 8 essential tips on how you can keep your body warm even if your RV heater isn’t working properly.

8 Tips To Sleep Warm When Your RV Heater Is Not Working

Top Five Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Monkey Island RV Resort

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cabins for rent“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.” This wonderful saying reflects the importance of vacationing with family and spending quality time with them. For this holiday season, spellbound with the magic of celebrations and merriment, this blog post presents the top five reasons to not just spend the holidays but also celebrate them at Monkey Island RV Resort.


Monkey Island RV Resort has earned a name for itself in the past few years in the holiday industry. Their commitment to treating customers well and providing quality service is something the resort is well known for in America. This large resort provides a perfect holiday spot with a lake view and a cozy ambiance. Well-furnished rooms with modern interior decorations and appliances are bound to impress many holiday seekers.


The most sought-after characteristics while planning for any holiday destination is the comfort and a perfect stress-busting environment. Monkey Island RV Resort strives hard to make your holidays the most memorable ones by offering you an array of services and facilities to help you blow all the stress and sorrow out of your life. The peaceful and serene atmosphere adds to this while you breathe in happiness and contentment. The resort has everything necessary for taking good care of your vehicles and even your pets. Huge lawns within the premises enable you to enjoy your holiday while shrugging all of your worries off your shoulders.


A universal fact is that variety is the spice of life. So how about spicing up your holidays this season? Monkey Island RV Resort steals the show by giving visitors a a bouquet of service options from which to choose. This allows customers seeking a holiday stay to choose the best fit for their needs and requirements. Although it is typically an RV resort, this extraordinary facility also has a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK. This is an innovative idea with great value for those who do not possess a RV but wish to spend their holiday at the resort.


Not all good things in life come with a hefty price. At least, this is true for spending the holidays at Monkey Island RV Resort, which offers a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK, at a very affordable price. The destination proves perfect for all those holiday lovers who believe in good service at an economical price. Choosing to spend the holidays at this resort will definitely be a golden deal, proving worthy of every single penny spent.


Customers all around the globe are flooded with options, making them prone to get entangled in decisions. Monkey Island RV Resort provides holiday seekers with various fresh and unique ideas such as providing a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK. Customers who book resort cottages or cabins feel joyful and downright pampered during their stay in the resort, while their privacy is never intruded upon. Hospitable services alongside amenities of unmatched quality make Monkey Island RV Resort an ultimate holiday destination for you and your family.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Christmas in Your RV

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Christmas In RVChristmas commemorates the day when the loving Son of the Almighty Father was born. This holiday enlightens the world with his message of peace, harmony and love for all. Christmas is celebrated all over the world to foster the ethics of Christianity, i.e., being kind to all. With the ushering in of the festivities comes cold winds seeping in through the windows and, in many parts of the world, a blanket of snow. Christmas carols, Santa Claus with gifts, and a bagful of happiness for everyone is what Christmas brings each year.

However, people around the globe celebrate this holiday in many varied ways. Some adventure-seekers may even spend Christmas in their RV.

RVs, besides being excellent companions for those who love traveling with a piece of home, has also proved useful to those who want to celebrate Christmas while traveling. With their exclusive benefits, RVs are no less than a home away from home. They are indeed a great way to let your hair down this Christmas season. Here are the top five reasons to love Christmas in your RV.

Love Yourself

Christmas is not just something good; rather, it is all about feeling good. Pamper yourself with this merriness and take a break from the monotony of day-to-day life. Give yourself the gift of a holiday on the road this season and let all your worries melt away. Find the peace that lies within, feel the silence and enjoy the leisure.

The Perfect Gift for Someone Special

Life is becoming busier every single day. Time is the most valuable thing you can give to your soulmate this Christmas. Travelling together not only makes journeys memorable but in turn, this nurtures the special bond between couples. Plan a romantic Christmas getaway this year in your RV and let love do all the talking.

Less Is More

Gone are the days when more was merrier. Now, the trend is toward less being better. This Christmas, let the decorations be minimal and avoid tangled garland. Adorn your RV simply, with a touch of serenity and coated with style and grace. You will surely fall in love with your RV all over again.

Leave the Tree Outside

Rather than bringing a tree inside your home this Christmas, take your RV home to the tree instead, and enjoy it in its natural environment. This is a great way to enjoy a simpler, more natural holiday and wish Mother Nature a very merry Christmas.

Set Your Spirit Free

Moving on is what life is all about. Anything that can move on is lively. This Christmas season, let your heart rule your senses and drive you to the destination of your dreams. Remover yourself from all physical and emotional disturbances, even that of cold, dreary weather. Gear up your RV for a dashing ride with joy, freedom and a lot more. The best gift around a Christmas tree is a happy family wrapped in each other’s love, and the best place to cuddle up on Christmas is in an RV.

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12 Tips You Want To Know About A Winter RV Trip

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RV trip during the winter season can be a dangerous one due to hazardous weather condition. Snow, ice, and wind can affect your road trip and hence it is extremely important to drive slowly and safely. This infographic will provide you 12 tips to plan your RV trip so that you have less stress and more enjoyment with your family and friends.

20 Useful Tips For A Solo RV Trip

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If anyone tells you that heading off on a solo RV trip is an impossible dream, do not believe them! It is definitely pursuable, even though you may at first be concerned about things like the safety of being alone on the road, how to prepare, or whether you will be alone the whole time. However, there are solutions to the things that are holding you back.

Getting Started

  • A solo RV road trip calls for extensive research. To gather knowledge about RVing and the accompanying lifestyle, you can attend seminars and other educational gatherings. Apart from RV lifestyle, don’t forget to look up the route that you’ll be taking and what you’ll need on the way.
  • Before you actually venture out, it is crucial that you have a reliable RV. This means that you should have it tested by a technician (before the purchase if possible). You must know what you are driving. Basic lessons on roadside repair are always advisable, and also keep at hand the contact number of a roadside assistance service to avoid or overcome any unpleasant surprises.
  • Before the solo trip, make sure you have experience traveling with others in an RV.
  • Practice both unhooking and hooking without an audience to avoid making embarrassing mistakes in front of others at the campground.


  • Who said that a solo trip necessarily means being alone the whole time? It is only normal to crave company once in a while during your solo venture. If you come into contact with like-minded people, things can turn out to be even better. You can join solo RV forums and clubs that create golden opportunities for networking.
  • The internet provides opportunities to learn more about RV lifestyle by connecting you with people who have similar passions.
  • Want to add some money to your bank account? Consider working while you’re on the road—this, too, can provide social opportunities.
  • Consider showcasing your hobby to nearby RVers.
  • A dog walk is a great way to socialize while on a solo trip. Dogs are great companions, and if your dog is friendly, you may get the chance to mingle with fellow dog-owning RVers.

Odds and Ends

  • Before you start off, remember to take a checklist for both setting up and dismantling the camp.
  • Get your hands on cheaper rates by sticking to one location for a longer period.
  • If you wish to find a campground before it’s full, you need to arrive by mid-afternoon and get off the road before it becomes too dark.
  • Keeping in mind emergency situations, you must have all the necessary documents and contact details of family members with you in a safe place.
  • It’s best to say bye to an imaginary partner when you leave the rig so you don’t draw attention to you being alone.
  • Carry a GPS, but also carry maps for places where GPS systems don’t work.

Safety Tips

  • There are always better campgrounds. If you sense that something isn’t right about the campground where you have stopped, follow your instinct and move on.
  • At night, keep all doors and windows shut.
  • Make sure you park where there are other RVs.
  • When there are other RVs in the same campground, park wisely enough to avoid getting blocked in, in case of emergency.
  • Keep the RV regularly maintained to reduce the chances of breakdowns.

Leave worrying behind, because you can have a great time on your solo RV trip if you are prepared with the necessary research, attitude, and belongings. With the above tips, you have the recipe for a safe and hassle-free solo trip in your RV! Don’t let your doubts keep you from the adventures of life.

Amazing Facts About RVing

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RVing with your family is always fun and these amazing facts will make your RV camping and vacation a more enjoyable one. Find out the top 10 most visited RV camping sites to spend your next vacation. RVing will not only enhance your lifestyle but also save a lot of money on vacation costs. The RV shipment and Sales statistics are showing positive growth rate due to the increase in RVers over the last few years.

Go through this infographic to know more about the amazing facts about RVing.

Amazing Facts About RVing

How To Have Fun RVing With Your Pet

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rving with petThe ideal moment for fun trips and spending quality time with your friends and family has finally arrived. Get ready to fasten your seatbelts for the holiday season. If you do not want to leave your pets in the kennel, take them as your worthy travel companions. If they are road-tested, there is nothing to worry about. Here are some tips on how to enjoy a pet-friendly RV lifestyle.

Tip 1: Prepare With Confinement Training

Pet behaviors vary, and while some do not get overwhelmed with situational changes, others might behave abnormally. To avoid any trouble, it is smart to train your pet to remain cool and relaxed when confined. This can reduce the level of fear and anxiety they will feel when carried in crates or harnessed inside the RV. This kind of training session also falls within the essential driving safety norms, as a pet’s abnormal behavior might spark an accident.

  • Symptoms of discomfort: For dogs, anxiety and fear may induce symptoms like vomiting, passing of stool or urine, restlessness, etc. Apart from that, the dog may whine, howl, bark or seek physical contact with you, which could be dangerous if you are driving the RV.

Tip 2: Acclimate your pet to the RV environment

Bring some of your pet’s belongings inside the RV. Let your pet sniff them and mix its scent into the environment.

Tip 3: Arrange regular training sessions for your pet

While preparing your pet for the trip, you may notice some unusual behavior  like pacing, whining or drooling. Do not worry; instead, boost their confidence with your calm and relaxed behavior. Explain to them lovingly that the RV is their home too.

With each successful session, treat your pet with something it loves to eat, so that it will associate positive feelings with the RV. Be patient, and conduct these training sessions for some weeks before you start your journey. Gradually increase the duration of the session so that your pet becomes familiar with the environment.

Tip 4: Familiarize your pet with the sound of the engine

Include another family member in this fun training session so that one may sit in the driver’s seat while the other stays with the pet. Bring in your pet with its toys and let it settle down calmly. Then start the engine.

Upon hearing the new sound, some pets will become nervous, while others will not. If your pet grows nervous, stop the engine and sit with it calmly. Do not pick your pet up if it shows signs of distress. Instead, ignore the signs and do something else inside the RV. When your pet calms down, reward it with a treat or some petting and hugs. Repeat this training session until your pet becomes familiar with the engine noise.

Tip 5: Introduce your pet to the idea of motion

Repeat the same sequences of the previous training sessions:

  1. First, ensure that your pet’s belongings are inside the RV. Then take your pet inside and let it relax in the familiar environment.
  2. Turn the engine on and let your pet acclimate to the sound of the engine.

For the next step, take a quick trip around your neighborhood. Ignore all signs of distress, and instead give your pet time to calm down. Be sure to reward it when it returns to a relaxed state. Gradually increase your trip distance and repeat this session until you are completely assured that your pet can cope with the stress of a long distance journey.

Most pets will show signs of improvement as they go through these training sessions. Those who do not may need the help of holistic anti-anxiety strategies. Continue to follow us for more information on the subject.



Popular Tips on How to Insulate an RV

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RV InsulationMany of us would agree that an RV is the ideal mode for visiting different places, like maybe some untrodden patch of earth with extreme climatic conditions. However, knowing some tips for keeping your RV properly insulated can also result in things like improved comfort level, energy conservation and some financial savings. Wow! How can a little difference in approach bring such big changes?

The 4 Zones Where You Can Improve RV Insulation

The limited insulation options with retailers might leave you wanting. However, these tips will help you make improvements in the four core areas of RV insulation, thereby slashing the energy bill for generator use, propane and electric hookups.

Improve Doors and Windows

  • Drafty doors and windows are a common problem in old or poor quality RVs. Compared to most of the external body, these areas are weakly protected. A few effective yet low-cost insulation solutions include adding solar curtains, re-caulking windows and replacing the round-the-door weather stripping.
  • Buying energy-efficient RV doors and windows may prove highly beneficial.

Consider RV Skirting

  • RV skirting is self-explanatory. The giant skirt acts as an added layer of protection between the air outside and the RV.
  • RV skirts are customizable, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are particularly beneficial in extremely cold climates. RV owners who use skirts have noticed a lower consumption of propane for keeping the rig warm and cozy.

Upgrade Your RV Vents

  • Install draft shields or vent covers to prevent the loss of heat. They are available online and at home improvement stores. Alternatively, you can stuff the vents with foam boards.

 Reconsider the RV Exterior

  • To fortify your skirting efforts further, consider a thorough inspection of your RV’s belly with the help of a flashlight. Then, without squeezing any of the connections like pipes or hoses, insulate the in-between gaps with aerosol foam.
  • Make a detailed inspection of the storage compartment doors and seal the gaps with weather stripping materials.
  • Make a complete inspection of RV doors, windows, vents, the undercarriage, storage compartment doors, etc., which are the most probable places of air movement.

A little bit more vigilance, and you are on your way to achieving your RV insulation goal. More energy saved will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save a few bucks. Happy touring in your RV!