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5 Reasons To Choose Monkey Island RV Resort Cabin Rentals Instead of a Hotel

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The vacations are meant to create memories, and a road trip with close buddies will stay forever in memory but the stay is equally important for the comfort and relaxation. Are you puzzled between a rented cabin or hotel-stay for your next vacation in the Grand Lake, OK? We can make your decision easier! In this infographic, you will find all the reasons why cabins for rent in Monkey Island RV Resort, Grand Lake, OK are more comfortable and contented than hotels during a trip.

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8 Tips for a Great Vacation In Pet-Friendly Cabins On Monkey Island

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grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Your pet is part of your family, and your vacation would be incomplete without your four-legged, furry friend. We encourage people to take a family photo when they visit Monkey Island to hang on the wall at home but don’t forget your pet! Have you ever been rejected when trying to book rooms for a vacation? Don’t worry; there are still great places in this world where you can take your pet for a vacation. Here are some suggestions that you should consider while booking a pet-friendly Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

The Cabin

Finding the cabin is the most crucial step, so choose your accommodation wisely. Search a lot and ask questions. Find out if there is a play area for your pet, what kind of food is available and even where to find the nearest veterinary clinic. The more you ask, the more likely your pet will have a comfortable stay.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

The Amenities

Try to find a pet-friendly cabin that provides all the amenities that are must-haves on your list. You surely do not want your pet to be left alone when you are enjoying time in the pool, so check what the best services are that you can get.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Pet Waste Areas

Ask the cabin rental proprietor for the pet play area, and make sure they have designated pet waste areas. On the other hand, it is always better to carry your own poop bags and clean up after your pet is done.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

The Play Area

Our Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental services provide an open area for pets where they can play all day long. In an unknown surrounding, they might become reserved and less playful. But the play area can be tempting, and exercise will make them feel free from anxiety.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental


When a cabin proprietor allows you to bring your pet along on your vacation, it is your duty to respect their rules. If there are rules like no pets on furniture, follow them.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rentalThe Litter Box

If your pet uses a litter box, put the litter box in the bathroom. This will make it easier for the cleaning staff to find.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Fleas and Ticks

Make sure your pets are free from fleas and ticks. Before your trip, take them to the vet and have them vaccinated. Give them a good flea and tick bath as well, so there will be no odor or smell left behind.

grand lake oklahoma cabin rental

Preventive Measures for Accidents

Although there are pet waste areas available, accidents still can happen, especially if your pet is stressed. Keep disinfectants and rags with you for any mishaps.

Items to Pack When Going to a Vacation Rental

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rv resortAre you searching for cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK? Search no further! Monkey Island RV Resort provides the ultimate Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. You can stay either in a cabin or in a tiny home. Each rental is equipped with a big-screen television, cable, a love seat, a queen bed, a kitchen and a single bathroom with a big shower. When you rent a tiny home, you also get access to amenities such as the pool, clubhouse and dog park.

If you are booking cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, for the first time, read on for a list of some essential items that you need to pack.

Monkey Island RV Resort provides the Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. If this is the first time then find out few items that you need to pack before an RV trip.

first aidHealth-Related Items

  • Please do not forget to take your prescription medicines.
  • A first aid kit is always important to have.
  • Remember to bring some painkillers, medicines for motion sickness and insect repellent.

kitchen itemKitchen Items

  • Filtering water bottles are the best option for keeping yourself hydrated. The built-in filter also purifies tap water.
  • If you are planning to cook something special during your vacation, remember to bring the necessary utensils along with you.
  • You may also like to carry some aluminum foil for storing leftovers.
  • Don’t forget to pack reusable or paper plates as well as silverware.
  • Plastic bags for disposing of garbage are necessary too.

household itemsHousehold Items

  • Do not forget the chargers for phones, laptops and cameras.
  • A multi-plug extension cord is handy when you want to charge several gadgets at the same time.
  • Bring portable speakers for your playlist.
  • Pack games and toys for your children.
  • A portable charger pack for phones can be handy in case of emergency.
  • Remember to pack toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, shaving cream, razors, moisturizing cream, night cream, hair combs, etc.
  • For extra comfort, bring slippers that you regularly use at home.

clothingClothing Items

  • Always take a scarf, sweater or some warm clothing regardless of the weather.
  • Pack your caps, hats, sunglasses and other accessories.

Even though Monkey Island RV Resort is the newest luxury RV park, it has already gained a great reputation as offering the best cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK.

How To Stay Safe In An RV During A Storm

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Nature is the supreme power. It can bestow on us its blessings, or it can ruin everything with several calamities. Thunderstorms are one of such natural disasters that often can wreak havoc on our lives. People around the world usually don’t plan a vacation in an RV if there is a possibility for bad weather or occurrence of a thunderstorm. The fun and adventure associated with a perfect vacation in an RV can be totally lost if you need to stay undercover the whole time due to a natural disaster.

In contrast, the idea to opt for cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, can be pretty awesome. Since thunderstorms and other natural phenomena are inevitable, the best way to escape them is to face them with adequate preparedness. This post brings you some tips that can work wonders to save you from thunderstorms and helps you stay safe in an RV in bad weather.

cabins for rent

There are a lot of resorts and campgrounds where you can safely spend your vacations, as these places offer great services for you and your RV. Some great ones also offer private cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, where you can stay safer with your loved ones during the occurrence of thunderstorms or other natural disasters. However, if you do get stuck in your RV during a storm, then the points listed below will certainly help you get through the calamity safely.

Check the weather forecast well in advance.

Getting informed about a prospective danger always gives you enough time to get prepared with safety measures to deal with it. If you are planning for a vacation on the road with your RV, then you must get yourself updated with detailed information about the weather in advance. This will surely help you make necessary arrangements to tackle any unpleasant situation on road. You can keep a first aid kit ready with essential supplies and medications. Thus, you can be aware of the dangers that might come your way while heading out on a vacation in RV.

Get your RV checked and look for a safer resort.

As a rule of thumb, people planning vacations prefer to choose shady coastal locations with lush, green areas. However, the trees and areas near coasts are more dangerous. For instance, the Grand Lake area in Oklahoma is prone to thunderstorms and unexpected weather disturbances. Thus, when you look for some good RV resorts at which to enjoy your vacation in the Grand Lake area, then you must look for the ones that have efficient means to help you face any weather crises.

You should also get your RV checked for faults in both structure and functioning. For example, check that the outside doors and windows of the vehicle are closed and latched properly. This will minimize the chances of any undue contingency during a thunderstorm.

Reserve cabins and shelter beforehand.

Since the areas adjoining Grand Lake, OK, can experience a sudden thunderstorm, staying in an RV resort to make your vacation better will be awesome and safe. For the best experience, you need to pick one that provides special cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, and safe RV parking facilities to avoid chances of loss and damage to you and your property. Although the resort owners offer adequate information and safety instructions, especially in the areas prone to bad weather or thunderstorms, you must ask questions about provisions for booking cabins or other rooms to take shelter in from storm.

Avoid risky roads prone to flooding.

When you are in Oklahoma City and heading toward the Grand Lake area to celebrate your vacation in an RV, you must avoid driving on flood prone roads if there is a possibility of a thunderstorm. Generally, when the roads get flooded, driving an RV can be both difficult and dangerous. Staying at an RV resort either inside a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK, or in a safe RV parking area is always wise to avoid chances of mishaps.

Stay away from metal items and electrical equipment.

Your RV may have a lot of electrical wiring or gadgets to add on to your comfort. When you encounter a thunderstorm during a ride in an RV, try to get to a nice RV resort so that you and your vehicle stay safe. The most important step that you need to follow before evacuating the RV is to turn off and unplug all electrical gadgets inside your vehicle. This will save your gadgets from getting harmed during the thunderstorm.

Top Five Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Monkey Island RV Resort

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cabins for rent“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.” This wonderful saying reflects the importance of vacationing with family and spending quality time with them. For this holiday season, spellbound with the magic of celebrations and merriment, this blog post presents the top five reasons to not just spend the holidays but also celebrate them at Monkey Island RV Resort.


Monkey Island RV Resort has earned a name for itself in the past few years in the holiday industry. Their commitment to treating customers well and providing quality service is something the resort is well known for in America. This large resort provides a perfect holiday spot with a lake view and a cozy ambiance. Well-furnished rooms with modern interior decorations and appliances are bound to impress many holiday seekers.


The most sought-after characteristics while planning for any holiday destination is the comfort and a perfect stress-busting environment. Monkey Island RV Resort strives hard to make your holidays the most memorable ones by offering you an array of services and facilities to help you blow all the stress and sorrow out of your life. The peaceful and serene atmosphere adds to this while you breathe in happiness and contentment. The resort has everything necessary for taking good care of your vehicles and even your pets. Huge lawns within the premises enable you to enjoy your holiday while shrugging all of your worries off your shoulders.


A universal fact is that variety is the spice of life. So how about spicing up your holidays this season? Monkey Island RV Resort steals the show by giving visitors a a bouquet of service options from which to choose. This allows customers seeking a holiday stay to choose the best fit for their needs and requirements. Although it is typically an RV resort, this extraordinary facility also has a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK. This is an innovative idea with great value for those who do not possess a RV but wish to spend their holiday at the resort.


Not all good things in life come with a hefty price. At least, this is true for spending the holidays at Monkey Island RV Resort, which offers a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK, at a very affordable price. The destination proves perfect for all those holiday lovers who believe in good service at an economical price. Choosing to spend the holidays at this resort will definitely be a golden deal, proving worthy of every single penny spent.


Customers all around the globe are flooded with options, making them prone to get entangled in decisions. Monkey Island RV Resort provides holiday seekers with various fresh and unique ideas such as providing a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK. Customers who book resort cottages or cabins feel joyful and downright pampered during their stay in the resort, while their privacy is never intruded upon. Hospitable services alongside amenities of unmatched quality make Monkey Island RV Resort an ultimate holiday destination for you and your family.

Make Friends Not Enemies While Your Stay At RV Parks Near Grand Lake

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rv parkThe relaxing sight of early morning sunrises and gorgeous sunsets in a rustic park setting will be enough to calm your nerves after a hectic day. Won’t it be just soothing relax in your RV’s and hear the streaming water sounds that almost echoes in the ears when the waters of Grand Lake touches the curvy shoreline? Relishing the sight of amazing creatures of nature like pelicans, geese, herons and baby turtles that frequent the shoreline? Round the clock, Grand Lake with its RV parks opens up to a large number of visitors to the natural magnificence that it is.

So, gear up with your family and set off on your RV to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Grand Lake. The travelers are constantly filling up the facility RV parks around the area. And why not? The attractions and amenities are countless. Have you had bad experiences camping in your RV due to inconsiderate neighbors? Here are a few simple tips that will help you be and attract the best campground neighbors in the RV park.

Keep the engine sounds off…Maintain peace

Reaching on the campground pretty late at night? Make it a point to be as subtle with the engine roars as possible. Avoid all possibilities of disturbing the neighboring campground and to keep the sites clean. Turn off the engines as soon as you park the recreational vehicle. If at all it is necessary, before kick starting your journey don’t miss out on fully charging the RV battery. Just be sure that not everybody is a fan of white noise like the hum of an engine.

Abide by the set rules of the Park

When staying at an RV parking campground, know that you are a guest and cooperate with the rules of the RV Park. Just play by the rules and have a wonderful stay here at the RV camping grounds of Grand Lake. Have faith, the rules are not that overbearing. Maintaining speed limits while on the roads of the campsite, keeping engines, generators, and outdoor lights off, etc are some of the basics. So, be on the same page and maintain peace with neighboring occupants.

Avoid all tassels, Go for happy trails

Make your stay happier by maintaining the RV park manners. In the case of any emergency situations, wouldn’t you appreciate a little help from your neighbors?  So, why not maintain a peaceful relationship during the stay where you have mutual kindness and respect. So, cheers to happy and safe trails!

Maintain your parking space

RV park camping grounds are either set on concrete or gravel. Stick to the spot you received right at the time of check-in to avoid disputes with other campers. Based on the kind of site that you are given, be it on gravel or concrete base spot, keep the area tidy. It is your temporary lawn after all.

Rent Hassle Free Cabins in RV Park

The RV Park cabins back here at the Grand Lake are very comfortable for visitors to spend a cozy and hassle free holiday time. Take back pleasant memories while heading back home from the natures abode. The booking process for these cabins is absolutely smooth and the stay is pocket-friendly. When camping with your RV’s amidst nature, isn’t it always nice to have an abode that has a rustic touch to it? You’ve come here for recreation to break out the city from the city noise. So, why not spend your days here at Grand Lake in the middle of a setting where like the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves will make your day.

Acknowledge the essence of quiet time

Just like you, the neighbors are also visiting to enjoy some peace. Have respect for that. So, make it a point not to enter the RV Park premises at late hours.

Follow these basic etiquettes and make your RV park stay unforgettable, for the right reasons.

Reasons to Explore Grand Lake

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Grand Lake in OklahomaIf you are looking for a fun-filled outing at the rear end of the week, Grand Lake can be a great option. You can camp out here and stare at the stars when you have nothing to do. People from town come here frequently just to gaze at out into the clear Oklahoma This is a grand place to explore lake rides. Fun filled and exciting, Grand Lake is the place which would keep you coming back for more. When nothing else works, you can just explore the Grand Lake Museum.

Because of the popularity of the place more and more travelers are looking for cabins for rent in Grand Lake.

The Amphitheatre is one of the attractions of Grand Lake. It is situated in Disney, Oklahoma on the shores of Grand Lake. Bernice State Park is an attraction which the travelers use for fishing and exploring. This is a park which is always buzzing with life. You would be able to sense the excitement in the air as you come exploring the park. Cherokee State Park offers the tourists a memorable visit. Each time you come here, you would be experiencing a new thrill. This is the park which makes people come back for more of Grand Lake. You can camp out here and spend quality time with your family. You can explore the park and experience the thrill of playing golf with your family.

If you want an educational experience, then you can explore Coleman theater. It offers education in arts and history while maintaining the theme of the theater. Each visit to the theater would be a memorable one. Coo Y Yah Museum offers more than just a visit to the Grand Lake. It offers an educational tour of the Oklahoma history. If you bring your family here for a weekend visit, you are sure to learn a lot about the past and the time which makes Oklahoma what it is today.


Har-Bar village sits comfortably on the shore of the Grand Lake. It is the fun filled part of the lake which has attracted many tourists so far. They come looking for exciting time and educational rides. Both are available in Grand Lake, and this is the reason cabins for rent in Grand Lake are gaining fame with time. However, it is advisable to book early as Grand Lake is a famous tourist destination which attracts a lot of people every weekend