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Things to Consider About RV Parks

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grand lake ok rv resort

There is so much to do at a Grand Lake, OK, RV resort, and when you go to a happening and fun RV park like Monkey Island RV Resort, you will enjoy an uninterrupted flow of bliss and natural beauty. However, when planning a trip to Grand Lake, you should take a few simple steps of precaution and follow the rules underlined by the parks to make your stay worry-free.

RV parks are one of the most exciting places to stay at, with or without a whole noisy, clattering, clamoring, screaming, shouting, yelling, rowdy family! When you go to book a place to stay at an RV park, be sure about the amenities, rates and quality of the place.

The biggest factor to consider is the amenities available at the park or campsite. If you go to a good Grand Lake, OK, RV resort like Monkey Island, most amenities will be available, and you will not face any issues such as water shortage, lack of barbeque pits, wild animal roaming at night or other discomforts.

grand lake ok rv resort

Each RV park has its own set of amenities that make it stand out. This setup, therefore, means that everyone gets something different depending on the RV park that they choose. Some have certain things well taken care of, while other RV parks have something else in greater supply. An RV park with all possible amenities is rarely found. However, Monkey Island RV Resort is one of the very few Grand Lake, OK, RV resorts where all the amenities, including water, animal protection, electricity, natural resources conservation and many other similar needs are looked after.

RV park rates are the next subject of importance. Most RV parks tend to try to overcharge their customers, and some are expensive even if you go in the off-season. A good and economical RV park that is well-known in many circles for its quality and affordability is Monkey Island RV Resort. At this resort, the prices are reasonable and all additional services available are quite affordable.

This is primarily because the resort values its customers and does not aim to make money from a single bill. Instead, it develops a steady working relationship with customers, so that they return as loyal patrons and enjoy their outings at the beautiful, naturally scenic and serene Grand Lake, OK, RV resort.

For those who wish to stay a month or longer at the resort, there are more discounts, offers, attractions and amenities waiting. Extra care is taken of long-term customers, and a bond of trust is nurtured so that the month-long stay becomes memorable, and so that a repeat month-long stay is possible.

Items to Pack When Going to a Vacation Rental

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rv resortAre you searching for cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK? Search no further! Monkey Island RV Resort provides the ultimate Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. You can stay either in a cabin or in a tiny home. Each rental is equipped with a big-screen television, cable, a love seat, a queen bed, a kitchen and a single bathroom with a big shower. When you rent a tiny home, you also get access to amenities such as the pool, clubhouse and dog park.

If you are booking cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, for the first time, read on for a list of some essential items that you need to pack.

Monkey Island RV Resort provides the Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. If this is the first time then find out few items that you need to pack before an RV trip.

first aidHealth-Related Items

  • Please do not forget to take your prescription medicines.
  • A first aid kit is always important to have.
  • Remember to bring some painkillers, medicines for motion sickness and insect repellent.

kitchen itemKitchen Items

  • Filtering water bottles are the best option for keeping yourself hydrated. The built-in filter also purifies tap water.
  • If you are planning to cook something special during your vacation, remember to bring the necessary utensils along with you.
  • You may also like to carry some aluminum foil for storing leftovers.
  • Don’t forget to pack reusable or paper plates as well as silverware.
  • Plastic bags for disposing of garbage are necessary too.

household itemsHousehold Items

  • Do not forget the chargers for phones, laptops and cameras.
  • A multi-plug extension cord is handy when you want to charge several gadgets at the same time.
  • Bring portable speakers for your playlist.
  • Pack games and toys for your children.
  • A portable charger pack for phones can be handy in case of emergency.
  • Remember to pack toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, shaving cream, razors, moisturizing cream, night cream, hair combs, etc.
  • For extra comfort, bring slippers that you regularly use at home.

clothingClothing Items

  • Always take a scarf, sweater or some warm clothing regardless of the weather.
  • Pack your caps, hats, sunglasses and other accessories.

Even though Monkey Island RV Resort is the newest luxury RV park, it has already gained a great reputation as offering the best cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK.

What Is An RV Resort?

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RV resorts, shortened for recreational vehicle resorts, are hugely in demand. They allow you to have a good time as they offer you a number of activities to enjoy. While most people find  these resorts to be expensive, they are totally worth the price as the thrill they offer you is unmatched.

RV parks are very common, but they only allow you to stay. However, RV resorts offer you much more as there are tonnes of games and activities to kill time. If you’re used to having fun at RV parks, you will love RV resorts as well.

What are the differences:

When you think of it, there isn’t much of a difference between RV resorts and RV parks. At least, not on paper. But a little comparison and you will see how RV resorts stand tall.

An RV park is just a park with the ability to stay with your RV. There are no added amenities or features. On the other hand, RV resorts are full-blown resorts with all the facilities of a resort, and the added benefit of going with your RV.

Since there is no law governing this industry, any park owner can market his or her place as a RV resort. It is your responsibility to look into the details and only pick a resort that offers you all that you need.

What can you expect:

RV pads are delicately organized and accommodated to make the stay easy for you. The pads are spacious enough to accommodate the biggest RVs. You will not have to roam around to find a suitable place for your vehicle.

The patio is also typically large with outdoor features such as a kitchen, bathroom and even hot tubs. These are basically high-end resorts with all the amenities you expect from a luxurious resort. Plus, RV resorts also offer you great privacy and beautiful landscapes.

Kind of amenities:

Most of the RV resorts fulfill the wish list of a luxurious holiday trip. Some of the amenities offered include:

  • sauna
  • hot tubs
  • swimming pools with crystal clear water
  • spa
  • dog care
  • security
  • medical help

While these are some of the basic amenities, some high end resorts offer you additional benefits as well, such as a private golf course and a dedicated staff.

Make sure to inquire about the amenities offered before you sign up so that you know what to expect. The features depend on a number of factors including the location of the resort and the price.

Price for the RV resorts:

Most of the high-end RV resorts sell their spaces instead of renting them on per day basis. However, some old fashioned RV parks are still up for rent, but the prices are usually high.. Get ready to shell out a seven digit amount if you’re going to buy the space, however renting it can be a lot more cheaper.

Per day rent can be as high as $500, but some cheaper options are also available as the rate can go as low as $100 per night.

The cost depends on a number of factors, most importantly the amenities offered and the number of days you book a resort for. Typically, per night rate would decrease if you book a place for a number of days. Similarly, the more amenities you want, the more expensive it will be for you.

RV parks are a great way to have fun, just hop into your RV with all that you need and go to a park without any worries. It’s exciting and you must give it a try.

Where to Park Your RV on Monkey Island, OK

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How great is it to settle into a good RV park for the night after a long day on the road? Monkey Island, Oklahoma has several lodging options, but before deciding, check out what Monkey Island has to offer your RV. Campground, park, or resort every place offers a different array of services and amenities.

What do you get in an RV park?

When you are not confident enough to go without air conditioning or hookups, your best bet for the night is at an RV park in Monkey Island.

A typical campground does not offer power or water hookups for your RV. Monkey Island RV Resort offers rustic natural beauty, with the modern conveniences RV’ers expect. RV parks in Monkey Island offer essentials like restrooms, showers, laundry, and convenience stores.

Some parks or hotels cost more as they offer more features so your budget will increase or decrease depending upon the features and location you’re after. Of course, renting an RV pad to stay in your home away from home is always likely to be cheaper than a lakeside resort.

Campgrounds can sometimes be used as RV parks, if you’re willing to forego some the more premium amenities. For instance, KOA offers well-kept campgrounds with the essentials for camping by RV.

Features of RV Resorts:

Want to keep the comforts of home wherever you roam? The RV resort is the place for you!   You will get hookup facilities, along with internet access and even digital television.

Monkey Island RV Resort brings suburban creature comforts to the Oklahoma woodlands. These special features make RV resorts classy places to stay for the those who like sophistication even while traveling.

RV resorts enable vacationers to stay longer than otherwise. When the road may grow too demanding, campgrounds too uncomfortable, and rest stop parking too exposed, the RV resort offers extended stay pricing for you to kick back.


Special features of campgrounds:

Campgrounds are the basic place to park and pitch a tent. You will find many campgrounds all over Monkey Island. Nearer to nature, campgrounds are a simple place with just a patch of ground, a fire pit or gravel. Nothing fancy, but sometimes, that’s just right.

There will not be so many features and facilities like an RV resort or park, so the RVers should be ready to work with what they bring. Electricity, sewer or running water will not be available at the campground.

These places have their benefit, though. Other than being immersed in the environment, they are very cost effective, typically being about half of even a cheap hotel room per night.

Short stays are preferable in campgrounds as there will not be so many amenities to make the stay comfortable. Some campgrounds, as well as discounts clubs, offer a seasonal price cut for avid campers.

The idea is to enjoy your vacation, so do research yourself and be aware of the features all the places are offering. Also, make a list of features that you will need to make the most of your RV camping trip.

5 Favorite RV Resorts in the United States

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RV’s have reinvented the road trip for Americans. Grand Lake is one of the most famous destinations where people go for myriad outdoor activities and camping. Anyone visiting Oklahoma gets their RV’s ready for the road trip. Grand Lake offers a bounty of nostalgia in contemporary America. Here the past comes alive.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort

For the perfect road trip, it is important that you have the right place to set up camp or stop for the night to refuel your car, RV, bodies and minds. Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX is one of the places where you can park your RV and camp around.


Springs at Borrego is a great place to park your RV if you’re heading to California. Against the backdrop of California’s diverse and mountainous terrain, this RV resort offers a lot many options for desert-going campers looking to refuel their RV’s and stop for lodging. It comes with golf course, driving range and many other amenities.

Oak Grove Campground

Oak Grove Campground has two Utah locations, offering campers and RV’ers breathtaking views of Utah’s natural beauty. They offer free WiFi, heated pool and lot of other attractions that would make visitors look forward to another trip.

Monkey Island RV Resort

Monkey Island RV Resort offers stunning recreational lodging near Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees in Oklahoma. Held at level by the world’s longest multiple-arch dam, Grand Lake is as much a modern marvel as it is a retreat into native America. You can camp out, rent a cabin, compete for the best fisherman title, and even golf at the nearby Shangri La Golf Course. The cozy resort will offer you everything you need to make your stay a memorable one.

Zion River Resort

Near the magnificent Zion National Park in Utah, Zion River Resort offers everything you’d expect from a full-service resort, amongst some of America’s most stunning natural beauty. It’s quite an experience to wake up to behold the immense red sandstone formations.