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Top 5 Reasons to Plan Your Family Vacation in Our Cabins At Grand Lake

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Summer is the season you enjoyed as a child at your grandparent’s home or cycling along the riverbanks, and those lone afternoons and joyous evenings are still etched in your memory. But what about your children? Do they not deserve similar memories to cherish for a lifetime? As parents, you likely want your children to have space to breathe without the heavy weight of school bags. This is also your me time far away from the spreadsheets, analytic tools or tension of meeting deadlines.

There are endless options for a cheerful family vacation, but one of the most relaxing and enjoyable is the cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK.

Instead of heading to a crowded beach or an overhyped theme park, get on the road and enjoy the expedition. This is the best way to feed the globetrotter inside you. Before you jump in with both feet, read on to learn why vacationing in a cabin in Grand Lake, OK, can be different in the best way.

Every day is a special occasion:

The first reason we strongly advocate rental cabins at our RV resort is the fun. The words “family” and “fun” always go together, and when it comes to RV resorts, the enjoyable together time is unmatched. During your stay, every morning will offer something new.

A family, a mealtime:

The family who eats together, stays together. What could be cozier than having meals with your kids while sitting in the dining space of a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK? While having the light-hearted conversation at the dining table, you can create the most unforgettable memories of your life. The kitchens of the cabins are fully equipped, and you only have to buy groceries from a nearby store.

cabins for rent grand lakeFlexibility and relaxation:

At our RV resort, you can enjoy great leisure time. The trip is not just about reaching the destination. You can plan your vacation accordingly: no hurry of booking flights, no delays—everything will run according to your schedule.


With our cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, you can plan an entire vacation for the price of a plane ticket. They are affordable, so with a small budget, you can pay for the cabin, food and transportation. The cost of staying at our RV resort is significantly lower than many other vacation options.


Since you won’t have to eat all of your meals at a restaurant and can instead cook in your rental cabin, you can stay healthier on the trip—and spend less! You can eat what and whenever you want without the hassle of dining out.

During your stay, you can completely disconnect yourself from the rush of everyday life and enjoy the calmness of nature. It will be food for your soul, keeping you satisfied until you make the next trip.

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5 Reasons To Choose Monkey Island RV Resort Cabin Rentals Instead of a Hotel

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The vacations are meant to create memories, and a road trip with close buddies will stay forever in memory but the stay is equally important for the comfort and relaxation. Are you puzzled between a rented cabin or hotel-stay for your next vacation in the Grand Lake, OK? We can make your decision easier! In this infographic, you will find all the reasons why cabins for rent in Monkey Island RV Resort, Grand Lake, OK are more comfortable and contented than hotels during a trip.

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Items to Pack When Going to a Vacation Rental

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rv resortAre you searching for cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK? Search no further! Monkey Island RV Resort provides the ultimate Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. You can stay either in a cabin or in a tiny home. Each rental is equipped with a big-screen television, cable, a love seat, a queen bed, a kitchen and a single bathroom with a big shower. When you rent a tiny home, you also get access to amenities such as the pool, clubhouse and dog park.

If you are booking cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, for the first time, read on for a list of some essential items that you need to pack.

Monkey Island RV Resort provides the Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental experience. If this is the first time then find out few items that you need to pack before an RV trip.

first aidHealth-Related Items

  • Please do not forget to take your prescription medicines.
  • A first aid kit is always important to have.
  • Remember to bring some painkillers, medicines for motion sickness and insect repellent.

kitchen itemKitchen Items

  • Filtering water bottles are the best option for keeping yourself hydrated. The built-in filter also purifies tap water.
  • If you are planning to cook something special during your vacation, remember to bring the necessary utensils along with you.
  • You may also like to carry some aluminum foil for storing leftovers.
  • Don’t forget to pack reusable or paper plates as well as silverware.
  • Plastic bags for disposing of garbage are necessary too.

household itemsHousehold Items

  • Do not forget the chargers for phones, laptops and cameras.
  • A multi-plug extension cord is handy when you want to charge several gadgets at the same time.
  • Bring portable speakers for your playlist.
  • Pack games and toys for your children.
  • A portable charger pack for phones can be handy in case of emergency.
  • Remember to pack toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, shaving cream, razors, moisturizing cream, night cream, hair combs, etc.
  • For extra comfort, bring slippers that you regularly use at home.

clothingClothing Items

  • Always take a scarf, sweater or some warm clothing regardless of the weather.
  • Pack your caps, hats, sunglasses and other accessories.

Even though Monkey Island RV Resort is the newest luxury RV park, it has already gained a great reputation as offering the best cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK.

How To Stay Safe In An RV During A Storm

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Nature is the supreme power. It can bestow on us its blessings, or it can ruin everything with several calamities. Thunderstorms are one of such natural disasters that often can wreak havoc on our lives. People around the world usually don’t plan a vacation in an RV if there is a possibility for bad weather or occurrence of a thunderstorm. The fun and adventure associated with a perfect vacation in an RV can be totally lost if you need to stay undercover the whole time due to a natural disaster.

In contrast, the idea to opt for cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, can be pretty awesome. Since thunderstorms and other natural phenomena are inevitable, the best way to escape them is to face them with adequate preparedness. This post brings you some tips that can work wonders to save you from thunderstorms and helps you stay safe in an RV in bad weather.

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There are a lot of resorts and campgrounds where you can safely spend your vacations, as these places offer great services for you and your RV. Some great ones also offer private cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, where you can stay safer with your loved ones during the occurrence of thunderstorms or other natural disasters. However, if you do get stuck in your RV during a storm, then the points listed below will certainly help you get through the calamity safely.

Check the weather forecast well in advance.

Getting informed about a prospective danger always gives you enough time to get prepared with safety measures to deal with it. If you are planning for a vacation on the road with your RV, then you must get yourself updated with detailed information about the weather in advance. This will surely help you make necessary arrangements to tackle any unpleasant situation on road. You can keep a first aid kit ready with essential supplies and medications. Thus, you can be aware of the dangers that might come your way while heading out on a vacation in RV.

Get your RV checked and look for a safer resort.

As a rule of thumb, people planning vacations prefer to choose shady coastal locations with lush, green areas. However, the trees and areas near coasts are more dangerous. For instance, the Grand Lake area in Oklahoma is prone to thunderstorms and unexpected weather disturbances. Thus, when you look for some good RV resorts at which to enjoy your vacation in the Grand Lake area, then you must look for the ones that have efficient means to help you face any weather crises.

You should also get your RV checked for faults in both structure and functioning. For example, check that the outside doors and windows of the vehicle are closed and latched properly. This will minimize the chances of any undue contingency during a thunderstorm.

Reserve cabins and shelter beforehand.

Since the areas adjoining Grand Lake, OK, can experience a sudden thunderstorm, staying in an RV resort to make your vacation better will be awesome and safe. For the best experience, you need to pick one that provides special cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, and safe RV parking facilities to avoid chances of loss and damage to you and your property. Although the resort owners offer adequate information and safety instructions, especially in the areas prone to bad weather or thunderstorms, you must ask questions about provisions for booking cabins or other rooms to take shelter in from storm.

Avoid risky roads prone to flooding.

When you are in Oklahoma City and heading toward the Grand Lake area to celebrate your vacation in an RV, you must avoid driving on flood prone roads if there is a possibility of a thunderstorm. Generally, when the roads get flooded, driving an RV can be both difficult and dangerous. Staying at an RV resort either inside a cabin for rent in Grand Lake, OK, or in a safe RV parking area is always wise to avoid chances of mishaps.

Stay away from metal items and electrical equipment.

Your RV may have a lot of electrical wiring or gadgets to add on to your comfort. When you encounter a thunderstorm during a ride in an RV, try to get to a nice RV resort so that you and your vehicle stay safe. The most important step that you need to follow before evacuating the RV is to turn off and unplug all electrical gadgets inside your vehicle. This will save your gadgets from getting harmed during the thunderstorm.

Enjoy Grand Lake This Spring

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Grand Lake OklahomaMother Nature is the most beautiful of all. She is the ultimate queen of this world who nurtures us with her love and bliss every moment. Change is the law she loves to follow, and she encourages us to cherish the ideals of love and respect for each other. Earth is the only planet bestowed with the beauty and goodness of all seasons. Although every season has its own pleasure and attraction, spring is the most awaited part of the year. This led the famous actor Robin Williams to opine that spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

Beauty is an abstract noun. It can never be defined or measured but can only be felt. It not just proves soothing to the eyes but cheers the senses too. Nature and its scenic beauty have always helped mankind with aesthetic benefits. Owing to this, people around the world duly take time out of their busy schedules to spend time in nature and feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Spring is the season that marks the coming of summer and the end of cold, harsh winter. It is the time to fall for nature again, every part of which exhibits beauty at its best. Apart from other spots, Grand Lake, OK, is a splendid tourist destination where nature is seen clothed in all colors of life. Besides, the flourishing tourism culture around the globe has opened doors to several ways—like renting cabins in Grand Lake, OK—by which travelers visiting great locations can feel relaxed, rewarded and happy.

Grand Lake is situated in the northeastern part of Oklahoma along the foothills of the Ozark Mountain Range. Many resorts and motels, like the Monkey Island RV Resort, take utmost care to let you enjoy every bit of the season. These include plenty of rooms and cozy cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK. Our cabins are a newer feature that is gaining considerable popularity. They not just provide adequate privacy for our guests but also ensure you make memorable memories for a lifetime with the ones you love. Cabins provide an awesome view to our visitors and also help you enjoy a pleasant indoor climate, especially during the spring season.

Grand Lake and Lake Hudson are the only two major lakes in the state, and they often contribute to flooding in the adjacent areas. However, Grand Lake is also very important for the state, as it is a major attraction for people who love nature and water sports. It is thus the entertainment hub of the Green Country region. The lovely landscape featured by the Grand Lake area encourages a large number of tourists and visitors every year around the spring. The bright sunshine and comfortable weather pave the way for great amusement and enjoyment along the banks of Grand Lake.

Many companies have come up with excellent ways to add on to the fun and excitement for their guests. Several resorts serve amazing options to those who bring their RVs along with them to their vacation spot. Travelers all over the world love to explore new destinations for vacations in their own vehicles. In addition, the idea to choose an RV for a trip to Grand Lake, OK, is packed with thrill and enjoyment.

Since these beloved vehicles help you carry a home with you wherever you go, it is equally important that the resort or place you choose to stay should well accommodate your RV. There are a wide variety of places, like the Monkey Island RV Resort, that provide you with exclusive services for your RV. These resorts are equipped with the best quality tools for cleaning and fueling as well as expert hands to help with any needed repair of your vehicle while you enjoy spring at Grand Lake. Resorts that provide RV pads and cabins for rent in Grand Lake, OK, take great care of you and your vehicles so that your spring vacation is destined to be memorable.