Places to Visit at Least Once in Oklahoma Before You Die


Does your mind always crave to visit new places? Do you like to explore more of the world? If you truly are a travel-fanatic, you should know the top places to explore in Oklahoma route 66, a stretch of 400 miles. Is it already making you visualize yourself with an RV going through the road and enjoying a sunny morning? Then it is our responsibility to jot down the visiting places in the long stretch. It will help you to plan your route map better.

Grand Lake, Monkey Island

It is one of wish-listed place in Oklahoma for the travelers. It is located in Northeast Oklahoma in the foothills of Ozark Mountain Range. The attraction of the place is all about its scenic beauty. There are a wide variety of sports including boating. Monkey Island is a peninsula that is on the northern coast of Grand Lake. People generally visit both of these places together. You can stay in the RV resort of Grand Lake, OK, which is available at an affordable price.

Blue Whale, Catoosa

It is built in the 70s as an anniversary gift of Hugh Davis to his wife. The place once used by the travelers for swimming, but the pool facility is no longer available. It is now renovated and turned into a picnic spot. If your children are with you, it would be a nice place to spend a whole day around.

The Round Barn, Arcadia

The Round Barn of Arcadia claims to be the true round barn in the world. It is of 60’ in diameter and 45’ in height. Most of the round barns are actually hexagon and octagon in shape. Therefore, this is the only actual round barn. The roof which was collapsed in 1898 has been renovated in 1988. It is a great place to take your family to learn its past glory.

The Coleman Theatre, Miami

The Coleman family has donated this place to the city of Miami in 1989. It was actually opened in 1929 as a vaudeville theatre, but in order to add a special spice to it, it is open for the tours those are packed with history and past glory.

The Museums

There are mainly museums located in this stretch of Oklahoma. One is the Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum and the other is National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The former is free to enter, this is something for the passionate bike-lovers. It has bikes of old Harley Davidson, Ducati, Evel Knievel’s x-Rays to satisfy the eyes of the bike-lovers. The latter one showcases Western and American Indian Culture including sculptures, galleries, arts and many others. Whether you are staying in the RV resort of Grand Lake, OK, or somewhere else, these two museums are worth visiting.

If you want to explore the long stretch of Route 66, you can spend some of the days in Grand Lake and Monkey Island. For the RV resort of Grand Lake, OK, you can contact Monkey Island to get all facilities at a reasonable price.