Why Would You Prefer RV Cabins Over Hotels for Camping?

Are you planning for a trip to an RV camp near Grand Lake or Monkey Island in Oklahoma? They are indeed exciting sites for camping with all scenic beauties, vast nature and without the cacophonies of the city. If you are thinking of hotel rooms nearby, it won’t serve you the enjoyment of camping. You can use your RV, or you can opt for the cabins at Grand Lake for lodging in Oklahoma. While getting a cabin or lodging, you may hesitate to think if the decision is right or not. The misleading concepts regarding the lodgings are responsible for this.

Therefore, follow this guide to make the right decision.

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Considering Comfort

People think multiple times before considering the cabins for lodging on Monkey Island and comfort is their prime concern. The myth of hotel rooms being considered more comfortable than the cabins will be busted if you seek these lodging facilities. In reality, within your budget, you will get more facilities in an RV cabin than hotels. A complete accomodation with a kitchen, dining space, bathroom, bedroom and living room can provide you with more space than a hotel can.


If you want to get a proper space in a hotel to spend your vacation, the cost may burn a hole in your pocket. Firstly, all the facilities will not be available in one package. You may need to pay extra for them such as cooking, laundry, electronic appliances etc. But while lodging in the cabins of Grand Lake in Oklahoma, you will get all these facilities at one price. You can cook your own meals, wash your clothes and use the electrical appliances without paying anything extra. Sounds budget-friendly, right?

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Privacy and Security

Rather than hotels, in the RV cabins, you will get better privacy. There would be several people in the hotel, but as the lodge is smaller it cannot accommodate as many people altogether. You can relax and enjoy your vacation peacefully without as many other prying eyes.


If this trip is going to be a family trip, cabins for lodging on Monkey Island should be your first choice. Your kids are going to enjoy the place as it is spacious and comfortable. There is enough space for them to run around and play.

Monkey Island RV Resort & Cabins is a service provider where you can get cabins with all possible facilities you could need for camping. You can connect with them and seek the right package for you.