8 Tips for a Great Vacation in Pet-Friendly Cabins on Monkey Island

Your pet is part of your family, and your vacation would be incomplete without your four-legged, furry friend. We encourage people to take a family photo when they visit Monkey Island to hang on the wall at home but don’t forget your pet! Have you ever been rejected when trying to book rooms for a vacation? Don’t worry; there are still great places in this world where you can take your pet for a vacation. Here are some suggestions that you should consider while booking a pet-friendly Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental.

  1. The Cabin: Finding the cabin is the most crucial step, so choose your accommodation wisely. Search a lot and ask questions. Find out if there is a play area for your pet, what kind of food is available and even where to find the nearest veterinary clinic. The more you ask, the more likely your pet will have a comfortable stay.
  2. The Amenities: Try to find a pet-friendly cabin that provides all the amenities that are must-haves on your list. You surely do not want your pet to be left alone when you are enjoying time in the pool, so check what the best services are that you can get.
  3. Pet Waste Areas: Ask the cabin rental proprietor for the pet play area, and make sure they have designated pet waste areas. On the other hand, it is always better to carry your own poop bags and clean up after your pet is done.
  4. The Play Area: Our Grand Lake, Oklahoma, cabin rental services provide an open area for pets where they can play all day long. In an unknown surrounding, they might become reserved and less playful. But the play area can be tempting, and exercise will make them feel free from anxiety.
  5. Respect: When a cabin proprietor allows you to bring your pet along on your vacation, it is your duty to respect their rules. If there are rules like no pets on furniture, follow them.
  6. The Litter Box: If your pet uses a litter box, put the litter box in the bathroom. This will make it easier for the cleaning staff to find.
  7. Fleas and Ticks: Make sure your pets are free from fleas and ticks. Before your trip, take them to the vet and have them vaccinated. Give them a good flea and tick bath as well, so there will be no odor or smell left behind.
  8. Preventive Measures for Accidents: Although there are pet waste areas available, accidents still can happen, especially if your pet is stressed. Keep disinfectants and rags with you for any mishaps.