8 Tips for Camping with a Fifth Wheel in Extreme Winds

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If you are a camper, a fifth wheel may be just your thing. In extreme winds, however, it can be difficult to camp in an RV. What should you do? We do not expect you to kill your wanderlust. We do not want to cage you. Your RV is sturdy enough to stand against extreme winds, especially if you follow these tips for your next fifth wheel camping trip at our Grand Lake, OK, RV resort.

  1. Pull in the slide outs. By pulling in the slide outs of the fifth wheel, you can cut down on the surface area and centralize the weight. This will prevent the RV from rocking and will protect the awning.
  2. Keep outsides items inside. Do not leave anything hanging or sitting outside. Extreme winds can blow everything away, and it can also damage other RVs at our Grand Lake, OK, RV resort. That is why you should store everything inside, including lightweight chairs, mats and folding tables.
  3. Shut windows. If the camping area is prone to storms or blowing dust, you should keep windows shut. Otherwise, you will have to spend an entire day cleaning.
  4. Attach your truck. You can attach your truck to the fifth wheel, and it will act as an anchor and save you from possible damages to the front legs of the fifth wheel.
  5. Fill the tanks. Adding a few extra pounds is a trick that will help you withstand a storm. You can fill the water tanks and waste disposal tanks, and these extra pounds will protect the fifth wheel from tipping over.
  6. Check out the roof. You should check the bents on the roof to make sure they are covered. If the covers are not secured, tighten any loose bolts. Put down any satellite or TV antennas as well.
  7. Keep a weather alert radio on hand. This can be a savior. Listen to the weather forecast even when the power and internet are out. This can save you from an upcoming storm and help keep you prepared with all necessary preventive measures.
  8. Have a plan B. You should have a plan B for shelter at our Grand Lake, OK, RV resort. If the storm is furious and gets out of hand, that shelter will keep you safe.
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